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    Brew Day Sunday September 7th 2014

    Style Meetings "Open to all" 9/25/2014

    Malty Mutt Dog Treats

    September 13th did you see us at the 1st Annual Beer Festival Middleton Wi. "Gojira"

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    Join Karl & Friends in Middleton Wisconsin on Sept. 13th for the Middleton Beer Festival at the Craftsman Table & Tap.

    Home Brewing is a nature-based hobby that restores a measure of humanity and perspective to the art of living.
    Our purpose is to promote beer literacy, promote the
     appreciation of real beer and to recognize beer tasting and evaluation skills.

    Karl is a recognized Beer Judge by the Beer Judge Certification Program.

    Yes, you can make great wines and beer all in the comfort of your home.

    Words to live by:
    Seeing isnt believing, Believing is seeing.

    Wine making Equipment Kits
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